Legal sports betting could boost game views •

Legal sports betting could boost game views •

A recent survey by Seton Hall University suggests that legal sports betting may increase game viewership, with a majority of those surveyed saying they are more likely to tune in if they have money on a game.
The findings were revealed in the latest edition of the Seton Hall Sports Poll and suggest that 70{ff841a4d8329bca75727900882813841fa2a60869ee8ee307dccf5f84525b425} of consumers are more likely to watch a sporting event on television or via a stream if they place a bet on it. This increases to 88{ff841a4d8329bca75727900882813841fa2a60869ee8ee307dccf5f84525b425} when focusing on the 18-29 age bracket.

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The poll also revealed an appetite for mobile betting, with 40{ff841a4d8329bca75727900882813841fa2a60869ee8ee307dccf5f84525b425} of respondents saying they would like to bet on their phone rather than at a casino. Respondents were also mainly of the opinion that states should be left to regulate sports betting, with 65{ff841a4d8329bca75727900882813841fa2a60869ee8ee307dccf5f84525b425} favoring the status quo as opposed to a federal framework.

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However, the poll also revealed a degree of uncertainty towards legal sports betting among respondents, as 61{ff841a4d8329bca75727900882813841fa2a60869ee8ee307dccf5f84525b425} were worried legal betting across the country could result in higher levels of match-fixing in major US sports leagues.
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