Aga sports betting interview with sara slane •

Aga sports betting interview with sara slane •

Watch our AGA sports betting interview with Sara Slane, filmed at the 2018 Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. Ms. Slane has been the face of legalized sports betting for the casino industry these crucial last couple of years.
She spearheaded an aggressive campaign that pointed out the failures of PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act), a sports-betting ban that led directly to a massive black market throughout the country.

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She met behind the scenes with leagues and other stakeholders to educate them on the industry, addressing their misconceptions and explaining how a heavily regulated legalized market had worked successfully for many years in the state of Nevada.

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She’s also the one who testified last month before a House Subcommittee that is examining whether federal involvement is necessary as sports wagering becomes legalized in more states.


During the recent Global Gaming Expo, Johnathan Cohn, a lawyer who has argued cases in the Supreme Court, went so far as to say, “The Supreme Court listened to Sara. We owe a debt of gratitude to Sara.”
Listen to our AGA sports betting interview with Ms. Slane in the video above.
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